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Single Cell Biology

A single cell is a fundamental unit of life ; and an infected single cell is a fundamental unit of infectious diseases. Our lab has diverse funded projects on decoding cell development; cell metabolism, and infectious diseases at single-cell resolution. We are using an interdisciplinary approach with microengineering, organ-on-a-chip, novel computation such as Machine Learning (ML) methods.

Our lab is actively developing cutting-edge projects to explore the diverse cell types with fascinating biology. We are innovating both on the experimental protocol side such as single cell multi-omics, epi-genomics; and on the computational side with methods such as network analysis and ML aided data mining and integration.

Single Cell Projects (Funded or published)

# Microbiome study at single cell resolution

# Human liver study with engineering and single cell omics

# Malarial liver infection single cell study

# Human blood development single cell metabolism research

USF Genomics Core offers Single cell omics capacities

For detailed infomation please contact USF genomics, Min Zhang (USF Facility manager); Swamy Adapa (Rays Jiang Lab manager).