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Lab members

Swamy Rakesh Adapa

Research Associate

Engineer, genome pipeline builder, and curious experimenter
swamyrakesh @ mail.usf.edu

Charley (ChengQi) Wang PhD

Postdoctoral Researcher

Machine learning enthusiast; genome algorithm programmer
ChengQi @ mail.usf.edu

Justin Gibbons

PhD student

Both bench and computational biologist. Interested in chemogenomics and graph-based databases
JGibbon1 @ mail.usf.edu

Amy Conway


With expertise in microengieering, having extensive experience in microfluidics. With collaboration with Dr. Kyle lab
ajconway @ health.usf.edu

Sai Bharadwaj


Using electronics to power cutting-edge single cell genomics. Currently Phd candidate working on speech detection related to neurodegenerative disorders at College of Engineering
saibharadwaj @ mail.usf.edu

Other lab members


Christopher Marinescu (Master student)

Facilitating our genomics chip patent application with technical reviewing and report writing

Dylan Barfield (Master student)

Functional network analysis of high-throughput CRISPR loss-of-function screens


Mark Moussa (Undergrad, computer science)

Interface and algorithm design for computational genomics

Phillip Cualing (Joint master student with Dr. Ferreira lab)

Investigation of heme synthesis with single cell genomics in human primary hepatocytes

Linggih Saputro (Master Bioinformatics student)

Facilitating algorithm implementation for computational genomics

Shelli Jensen (MPH Student)

Facilitating molecular biology experiments in 3rd generation sequencing

Richard Tannenbaum (Master Microbiology/Molecular biology Student)

3rd generation sequencing library construction and sequencing experiments

Maxwell Pietsch (Senior Undergrad, computer science)

Designing fast and efficient RNA-seq pipelines for analyzing large amount of Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) data

Stephanie Volpe (MPH student)

Isolating single clones of P. falciparum RNA metabolism mutants

Reis Fitzsimmons (Master Bioinformatics student)

Searching novel anti-malaria compounds by identifying molecular mimetic metabolites

Rachel O'Reggio (MPH student)

Literature research of human liver polymorphisms related to pathogen infections

Komi Mati (MPH student)

Computational analysis of transcriptomes of primary hepatocyte 3D culture

Stephan Sutton (MPH student)

Developed a statistical method for 3D genome structure analysis based on Hi-C data